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love it! i've never been a big fan of halloween, but i'm seeing so many amazing ideas ... i may have to change my mind!!!

spooky and cute!! good job!

GREAT job! I LOVE it!


How talented are YOU? That is just too freaking cool... where do you come up with the design ideas for these things?
That wreath is nicer (and more creative) than anything they sell in stores. You should totally try selling them!

That is so awesome, Jamie! Very gothic. :) I like that the sign says WERE...very appropriate. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! Theresa

Wouah, je craque complètement sur ta bannière, fantastique !
Qu'est-ce qu'elle me plaît !
Happy Halloween !
From France,
Tatieva, painter

That is really cute Jamie!! Thanks for the tutorial!

OMG! This wreath is beautiful! Makes me want to go make one now! Oh, and I love your header!


That is so cool!!

So I get to this post via a Tweet by Tidy Mom. I give it a once over and see that I really like the idea of this wreath. Then I scan up to the pic of the blogger up at the top. I think to myself, "Gosh that looks a lot like Jaimie. The same girl that used to turn around in Geometry class and doodle crazy stuff on my notebook. I was intrigued so I read more...and it is you! WOW!! Kelli (Helms) Mayhorn here! Remember me?

LOVE THIS! i think i'm gonna have to make it's twin! so spooky and sparkly and fabulous!

happy weekend, sweets!


Ghosts are still people, just in a different dimension. Hehe. I love it! And love the new header. Are you gonna be Dorothy this year again?

Dearest Lovely Talented Crafty Jamie Woo~
Oh, how I love love love coming here!
You are so much fun- I love the wreath! And what an organized "ghoul" you are labeling your potions with a little help from a Fanciful Twist muuuhahahahah

I totally dig the glitter in the skull's eyes BTW it takes them to a whole new level!

...and I cant wait to see baby costumes...

I think you've invented "Spooky Chic"

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. This is actually my very FIRST time participating in this and I am so glad I came across your blog. It is BEAUTIFUL and I love how it shows step by step instructions for the crafting challenged, like myself. I can't wait to poke around here a little bit more and see all your grand ideas!

Wow! Good job!

PS Thank you for stopping by my blog on my sits day!

That is one wickedly cool wreath! Nice job!!!!

AWESOME!!!!! Please come decorate my house!!!!!

Oh my... that's so cool!! I love it. But what I love the most is how it has glitter... that cracked me up! And pink glitter to boot!! Just adorable... I think you are so lucky to have three girls! What fun.
Blessings and maigc.

You are always so creative... and seem to have alot of fun... will you be my friend??!! This is a cool idea!


Great wreath!! I love the black/purple roses especially.

I know you say it's easy... but coming from a aethestically-challenged person like myself... I dun think I can do it! :P Haha! Hope you had a great halloween!

LOVE the color you added to the black roses. and the glitter in the eyes! Amazing little touches

What a great wreath!! I love the glitter and the colors! The sign is great too, and so true!

I love it!!!

Very spooky chic!

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