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LOVE IT!!! JAmie- Your creativity never fails to amaze me, Cutie! You are definitely ready for Halloween.:) Lori

Fabulous party! I love it!
Welcome to visit my Halloween party:

Hi Jamie!
Loved your party and even your party crashers!! This was the first time that I have joined in and it was fun!

Visiting from Vanessa's Halloween Party!~Lisa

Happy Halloween

Oh, this was FABULOUS Jamie!!!! :) Loved it all - even the handheld heart. LOL Bravo!!!!

I hope that you might come to visit my Halloween faerie tale and follow the adventures of Miss Witch and her friend Keats!


Oooh!! I wanna come! LOVE your wonderful pictures, what FUN! :)

What an incredibly spooky (BUT FUN) party! Ohhh...making my way through your guests...hmm...I'll pass on the eyeballs, but maybe some of the spider cake before I chat with a few mysterious people you have here.....

Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

Very cute! Love your pictures :) Had a great time!

the queen of nostalgia

A gorgeous party! It looks like while the old witch caused quite a ruckus, a good time was had.

I hope you'll stop by and visit my party,

Great Party
and that cake looks delish

What a fabulous party, so fun and colorful! Those treats looked absolutely delicious :) Thank you for the wonderful time! ~Lauren

I want to come to your spooktacular party! Love it and your creative mind ;)

Those party crashers are certainly getting around, I think they may be the culprits who spiked my punch! Loved your post, beautiful photo's! Hope you'll stop by. Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

Great party! That witch really stirred things up. That cake looked yummy. Had a great time around the bonfire.

Feel free to come by my party-

No crashers. Everyone is welcome.

Sorry, my link is-

I love the skelly's that dined with you. I think that the cake looked the most delicious and I would ask "Martha" for a tip on how to get of bats wool!

I love the skelly's that dined with you. I think that the cake looked the most delicious and I would ask "Martha" for a tip on how to get of bats wool!

Wonderful Halloween party, such delicious looking treats, and creepy potions!!

That was totally awesome!!
Thank you :)


Please visit me:

What a great party! Love those pirates and that spooky pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, scary! Frightfully good party. Thanks for inviting me. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

I'm glad I found your party, the pictures were great.

seriousreader at live dot com

Love your post to pieces. Especially love those stockings. Hope you're having a great party day and Happy Halloween. xx

You have a really cool party going on, I'm happy I dropped by for a visit :)

Have a fun filled weekend!

Wonderful party!! Love it all. Especially the spider web. Great fun!!

Fun post, I love the shoes!! Best wishes on your Halloween blog romp.

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