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I am SO excited for you! Seriously! You make me want to have another girl!:) Going through old baby clothes takes you down memory lane, dear friend. It is a very special time. Shopping for new clothes is pretty wonderful, too.:) Enjoy! Lori

Yay yay yay for four sisters! So happy for you guys :-)

You always wanted sisters, like I had, and now you can give this wonderful gift to your daughters. Over and over apparently! Life is good. :) Love you guys....uhhhh....I mean girls!

Sounds like the making for a great blog ~ Fours Sisters and a Pretty Cool Mom Too! I'd follow that or sure.
Congrats to you and God Bless!

Congrats to you!!!! Your hubby is going to feel mighty lonely...still the only "boy" in the house! LOL But I am really happy for you - and look at all the wonderful outfits you'll already be able to give your new little sweetie!

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